Five smartphones with 48 MP camera in 2019

Currently, many cell phone vendors are starting to offer cellphone cameras with a 48 MP resolution. Now two sensors can produce photos with a resolution of 48 MP, Sony IMX586 for the pro version and Samsung GM1 for conventional sensors.

The sensor is large with 0.8 microinches. Each pixel combines four pixels to produce images that collect 12 MP. Many media reports using the Samsung GM1 sensor (S5KGM1 number) only create 12 million pixels instead of 48 million pixels.
image : AndroidPIT

Instead of producing 48MP photos, Samsung uses software to provide 48 MP images. However, on its website, Samsung reports GM1 produces 48MP images by comparing 4 pixels into one, Related to Sony IMX586, such as Smartprix said.

With the magnitude of megapixels that can be adopted by the latest smartphones, it also promises the capability of taking pictures and videos, especially if you need to make detailed images that remain clear even though the photo is enlarged.

Here are five phones that use the 48 MP camera that is available and will enter Indonesia. This phone is sorted from the lowest price to the highest estimated price.

1. Redmi Note 7

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 features a camera with a 48 MP camera sensor that is sold at the most affordable prices from its competitors. Xiaomi placed the Samsung GM1 sensor for this cellphone. But, for the Redmi Note 7 Pro, Xiaomi uses Sony IMX586 sensors. Unfortunately, this pro version of the cell does not enter the Indonesian market.

The Snapdragon 660 Xiaomi Note 7 does not support photos with massive megapixels, but the camera sensor support makes the resulting images sharp.

The Redmi Note 7 is available on March 27, 2019, and sold at Rp. 2 million for the 3GB + 32GB version and Rp. 2.6 million for the 4GB + 64GB version.

2. Oppo F11 and F11 Pro

The Oppo F11's 48MP camera uses a Sony output sensor. The image size of this cell phone can be enlarged up to twice the image taken.

Both F11 versions are driven by the Mediatek Helio P70 chip, competitor chipset Snapdragon 660. The Oppo F11 is priced at Rp. 4 million, and the Oppo F11 Pro is sold for Rp. 5 million.

3. Vivo V15

Vivo V15 also offers three cameras on the back consisting of a primary camera with a resolution of 48 megapixels, but what sensors are not revealed for this phone.

In addition to the primary camera, two other cameras are 8-megapixel wide-angle, and depth sensors. For the front camera, this phone uses a pop-up selfie camera with a resolution of 32MP. Vivo V15 is sold in Indonesia for Rp. 5.5 million.

4. Honor View 20

Honor released a smartphone with a 48MP camera late last year in China, the Honor V20. The cellphone with the Kirin 980 chip uses Sony's sensors for its 48 MP camera. However, Honor still hasn't launched the cell in Indonesia. The excellent news of this cellphone will appear in mid-2019. The V20 honorarium is estimated to be priced at Rp. 6.5 million.

5. Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung also played in the ranks of phones with a 48 MP resolution camera with the Galaxy A80. This 48 MP camera is one of three cameras brought along with two other cameras. One wide-angle camera and another camera has a lens to record the depth of the image.

This phone also has a unique shooting mechanism. This phone doesn't have a front camera. To take a selfie, the back camera will move and spin forward to take a selfie. Samsung calls this phone will enter Indonesia in May and has not revealed the selling price. But, rumors outside estimate the selling price of this phone in the range of Rp. 8-10 million.

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