Chatbot Technology Helps Online Business Growth

Chatting becomes an integral part of Indonesian digital culture, including when shopping online. Both on e-commerce and social media platforms, the two favorite places to shop online in Indonesia both rely on chatting as the primary method of communication between sellers and buyers.

BJ tech further developed this chat shopping habit in the latest products. After creating Bang Joni and collaborating with several big brands like BNI, Coca Cola & Frestea, BFI Finance, in developing chatbot-based products, BJtech is now ready to launch, an automatic admin to make the process of buying and selling online more accessible.

"It is essential for standby to serve customer chat because even in e-commerce, most will chat first to ask questions, such as making sure the stock is available, can be sent to any area, and so on. The challenge arises when many chats enter outside the operating hours, even though not all chats lead to purchases, right ?, "said Tania Ray Mina, co-founder of ZAM Cosmetics while recounting her experience running a business online.

"We do have an admin who is responsible for each e-commerce and chat messenger, but under certain conditions, for example, the demand is many at the same time, they will be challenged to answer hundreds of chats in a day."
Chatbot-based artificial intelligence technology, supports them. Positions itself as an automatic admin online store that is ready to answer customer questions accurately and quickly.

After getting an injection of funds from Stellar Kapital and GDI (Global Digital International), BJtech through offers a new alternative to selling and shopping online. Sellers do not need to answer hundreds of customer chats one at a time, while buyers are also not worried because their questions will be answered at any time, for 24 hours.

Currently is connected to LINE Messenger, and is in the development stage to communicate with WhatsApp Messenger and can have its link.

Distance G. Harahap, CEO of BJtech stated, "The development of artificial intelligence in Indonesia has great potential to help Indonesian online businesses which are accustomed to selling via chat. The higher the scale of operations, the challenges faced by the seller is also greater to reply to customer chat. For example, 200 chats go to cellphones in a day, what percentage do you buy? With the existence of the automatic admin based on this chatbot, the seller will be free to answer repetitive questions and be able to do other jobs more efficiently. They will have more free time to handle serious buyers, and will certainly increase their sales. "

Not only is it ready to serve every customer's question automatically, provides a mini-website that sellers can use to display their merchandise. This mini-website makes it easy for buyers to browse products and details, then purchase without leaving the chat screen.

The other features to support the process of buying and selling online are more accessible, such as automatic cost and shipping calculations, dashboards to monitor online store sales activities, and analytical data to achieve maximum sales.

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