Explanation of the logo Stars Wars in Google webmaster tools / Web Master latest

Webmaster or webmaster tools is the place where we do Pengindexan a Blog/WEBSITE/Site along with the article. The last few months we have started to access it with Fashion or the latest version. If still kebinggungan there is a button to go back to the Old Version. Well in this latest version we were struck with the appearance of the logo Stars Wars yellow.

Some of the companions many are asking on the Group Facebook or directly inquire through inbox FB messenger and Whatsapp Chat. Some say that the Gmail account we are being hacked into or there are parties who desire to take over the account that we have. There is also a saying that it is just a symbol of course.

Create buddy blog mastimon.com gentlemen don't worry or be afraid because the Logo is not dangerous or scary. It's just a symbol to switch to the Mode Stars Wars. If you try clicking on it there will be a change that is first to use Glass Eyes will then turn lost his glasses.

There are some facilities if you use mode Stars Wars in the Search Console new, namely there are sound effects of the animation. I don't know what desire in the show by the Webmaster of Google is because there are no significant changes. May only desire to provide this feature is inspired from the Movie Star Wars.

The changes that occur when Using the fashion Stars Wars :

  • There is a logo image of the head is colored Yellow 
  • When do Index the URL or link of the article there are some animations like the Game 
  • When you sign in to the Menu of the coverage we will see and hear the sound Effects of the Animation 
  • On the Reports menu Coverage changes Color 

How is still afraid of with the yellow Logo in webmaster tools / Google Webmaster ?... Don't worry and wavering because it's just a Feature that is ascending and we certainly don't get bored menggunjunginya. Do you manage your Blog then every article mandatory on Submit so quickly indexed and is in Google home page.

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