How to Unblock GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus with

Still, use WhatsApp version mod like GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus? Be careful, and the user has started to block temporarily.

As previously mentioned, WhatsApp calls that use of an unofficial WhatsApp app like WhatsApp Plus CS is potentially unblocked. Still using a third party application is also advised to uninstall it immediately and re-install the official application.
Some users, as submitted by, have also appeared to have been temporarily blocked as a result of the use of GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

 "In the last few days, several GBWhatsapp users have already reported on Twitter that they are temporarily blocked from using WhatsApp."
In the screenshots included in the article, the WhatsApp account of a user is exposed temporarily banned for alleged violations of the terms of service. The new WhatsApp user will be able to use their account again after the countdown period has expired.

Along with the popularity of WhatsApp, there are not a few users who use mod versions such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and OGWhatsApp. That's because this third-party app promises additional customization features that the official app doesn't yet have.

If you have a GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp+ account you get blocked notifications immediately unistall App GBWhatsapp or Whatsapp+ and replace official Whatsapp

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