NodeFlux Utilizes AI to Reduce the Impact of Floods in Jakarta

DKI Jakarta, as the capital city of Indonesia, has many urban problems. One of them is flooding which is difficult to overcome until now.

Residents of the city of Jakarta some time ago were shocked by the flooding that hit several points so that most had to evacuate to higher ground.

Seeing the impact, there is a solution currently being implemented by DKI Jakarta Provincial Government along with Nodeflux startups to reduce the effect of flooding based on Vision AI technology.
The initial information obtained from AI can be purchased in floods. AI assistance will help human work.

Faris Rahman, Co-Founder, and CTO of Nodeflux said that there is a technology Vision AI which supports air movement will make information faster delivered, as well as handling floods, it will be faster.

Nodeflux provides Water Level Detection technology that is applied in several CCTV. This technology is installed at eight points in the form of long times and Manggarai Water Gate. The goal is to monitor water levels and help provide information on flood disaster mitigation.

Head of the Jakarta Smart City Research and Development Planning Unit, Octo Alexandro, explained the technological work system that will be developed by Nodeflux with a monitoring system located in the Jakarta Smart City office.

The data processed by Vision AI technology will be directly connected to the Jakarta Smart City monitoring system. Then, the data will be the basis for mobilizing alert officers to face flooding and being able to convey the information to residents.

This system also makes coordination run smoothly and quickly. This technology can prevent officers from making mistakes in monitoring water levels, such as fatigue or night time which is challenging to monitor.

Also, there are several other features developed by Nodeflux with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, namely License Plate Recognition which can detect vehicle number plates. This feature will be prepared to detect fake vehicle license plates and tax on delinquent vehicles.

Then there are also Vehicle Counting and Dwelling features that are used to monitor the number of vehicles and vehicle identity.

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