Benefits of Fasting in our body can make poisons.

Muslims are advised to fast in the month of Ramadan. Based on science, fasting has many benefits, one of which is removing toxins in the body.
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In the book 'Alquran vs. Modern Science according to Dr. Zakir Naik' by Ramadhani et al. Explains, there are many benefits of fasting which may not be widely known.

Fasting can treat specific diseases, such as arthritis. Fasting also helps someone sick to recover quickly or recover.

When a person fasts his body will rest, and poisons will be released from the body, thus helping to recover quickly. Fasting is also perfect for changing behavior.

Fasting can also stop addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food which if not finished will hurt health. For specific diseases such as diabetes that are already dependent on insulin, of course, you cannot fast because you have to use insulin regularly.

But actually, fasting can revive insulin substances in the body. For diseases such as tuberculosis, arthritis, digestion, lupus, and skin diseases, fasting dramatically helps the healing process.

There are studies relating to the effects of fasting on women's menstruation such as the reproductive cycle and others which do not have any changes in the human body. All of them have no negative and positive effects.

So, it's wrong if someone says that fasting has the effect of the disease. He also explained about animal research. When animals get sick, humans don't need to give them any food.

Fasting can also increase the life span because the tasks of digestive devices rest. As in animals, when they change their skin, they fast so they can live longer.

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