Wow there is an increase in smartwatch sales

The smartwatch market is increasing this year. Even in the first four months of this year, it reached 48 percent compared to the same period last year. The report is known from Counterpoint Research data.

Reporting from the GSM Arena page, Sunday (05/05/2019) of the many vendors who play in the smartwatch market, Apple ranks at the top. The market share achieved by Apple in this market is 35.8 percent.
On the other hand, Samsung was ranked second with 11 percent market share. Meanwhile, Chinese vendor Imoo gained a 9.2 percent market share which made it ranked when.
The smartwatch business does seem to grow quite well. Especially now, the device offers a variety of features and features. More specifically, Counterpoint analyst Sujeong Lim said that the traditional round display combined with improved battery life and LTE connectivity succeeded in placing the latest Samsung Galaxy Active in the interest of Android users.

Meanwhile, according to Counterpoint Satyajit Sinha, one of the capital affairs credibility with Apple's newest Series 4 watch is the abounding health-related features, which are led by electrocardiograph sensors (ECGs). Apple is aswell aggravating to accompany abutment for its ECG appearance to added than 20 new countries including Hong Kong, France, Britain, and Germany.

NFC, GPS and fitness tracking are other highly sought-after features for smartwatch buyers and are considered to be the main drivers of ever-increasing levels of adaptation.

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