What Is AI Technology And Its Use On Smartphones?

The smartphone manufacturers over time are competing to innovate to produce smartphones with capable technological capabilities. It is undeniable that the advancement of technology is nowadays, so many manufacturers are pinning the latest technology on their smartphones as well as AI technology which is currently a trend in the smartphone technology world. What is AI technology?

AI technology slowly began to be pinned on middle-class to upper-class smartphones after the previous trend is fingerprint technology as security and dual camera technology commonly used for bokeh photos on smartphones. For more details, we will discuss  AI technology which has been pinned on this smartphone, and what are the uses of the technology.

What is AI Technology on a Smartphone?

Interestingly in the future, there will be more technological sophistication that will give passive voice on a smartphone. This is because smartphones have become a part of a lifestyle and as a tool to support personal and work activities.

As we will discuss today discuss AI technology on smartphones that are currently busy becoming the talk of the latest technology. This technology is considered to have many useful uses for the owner of the smartphone.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is an artificial intelligence that will look like scientific intelligence in humans. This technology passive voice in the latest smartphone Hardware and Software.

Some smartphones that have adopted AI technology are like Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, VIVO V7, and OPPO F5. It does not rule out the possibility that in the future there will be more smartphones embedding AI technology, not only in the premium series, because this trend will continue to grow.

What is the Use of AI Technology on a Smartphone?
It is impossible for technology to be adopted by smartphone manufacturers if it does not have meaningful uses. It is certain that every technology that is on a smartphone has methods that will be beneficial to the user. Here are some of the uses of AI technology embedded on smartphones.

1. Camera Shot Against Better Objects

Smartphones that already have AI technology in their camera features will improve the quality of the camera's shot against the image object to be taken. Detail images will look sharper and natural because the camera will detect objects in the photo frame.
Space limitations on smartphones make artificial intelligence technology more developed. In this case, the camera features that only allow putting a lens with a small sensor, so the presence of artificial intelligence will be beneficial.

This advantage is useful for those of you who have a selfie and traveling hobbies to find the shots you want with the quality of satisfying image results.

2. Smart Translator

AI technology also has the use of a translator or an intelligent translator in real time without the need for an internet connection. This translator feature is considered capable of translating a text, image, video, and sound in offline mode.

This feature will be useful for those of you who need a translator when the location you are visiting does not have internet service. Besides that, it is also helpful for those of you who need the song title of the song you are playing.

3. Simplify Daily Tasks

AI technology will facilitate you in everyday smartphone usage activities. The system will automatically read the usage patterns of the smartphone used by the user and will use the mode for everyday use.

The stored pattern will be detected as the user's daily activity which will automatically be applied by the system every day. For example, close applications that run in the background, turn off Bluetooth functions, turn off ringtones, etc.

4. As a Facial Scanner or Facial Recognition

Artificial intelligence technology on face scanners that are now widely applied to smartphones is useful for security. The face scanner will recognize faces using infrared assistance by detecting facial contours, skin type, skin color, and gender of the user in detail.
This face scanner technology at each vendor has a different name, but actually, the embedded function is the same.

5. As a Voice Assistant

Voice assistant here is a technology that is used as a voice command. Several applications use AI technology that functions as voice commands such as Siri, Cortana, Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The application is capable of performing tasks such as replying to text messages, voice messages, reading news content, and playing songs.
AI Technology Will Grow More
AI technology in the future will be more developed and widely used to facilitate one's activities. Manufacturers will be competing to innovate to create artificial intelligence embedded in their smartphones.

That is an explanation of what AI technology is on a smartphone and some of its useful uses for its users.

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